You unwrap the burrito, and holding it in your hands, you take a [[bite]].The juices flow out under your hands. The guacamole and salsa mingle on your tongue and the sour cream intervenes through the mix. The chicken teeths your teeth and explodes into juicy flavor that expands to create a rich, marinated blanket of meat. You then [[swallow]] the mouthful of flavor.The flavor creeps down your throat. As the juices invade the walls of your neck, you feel a slight cool-down. You reluctantly take another [[bite|bite2]].You take the burrito and hold it up to your mouth. Where do you take the bite? [[where the guacamole lives]] [[salsa and chicken party]] [[sour cream gets too wild]] The guacamole and rice invade your mouthspace. They break through all the barriers and fill your tongue with moist goodness. The rice textures your mouth with a grainy feel. You then [[swallow|swallow2]] the mouthful.The salsa is like tomatoes and peppers mix together and form an amazing bond. The grilled chicken explodes and leaves flavor shrapnel everywhere. All of this makes a flavor blanket again, that coats your mouth with subtle but noticeable amazement. You [[swallow|swallow2]] again.The sour cream completely coats your mouth. You can't feel anything else. Before giving up, you [[swallow|swallow2]] again.You don't swallow everything, so you [[swallow]] again.